Newtons High Sherrifs

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Newtons High Sherrifs

Postby She » May 7th, 2010, 10:44 am

I thought this may interest some people. Anyone recognise any ancestors? There must be a few familiar Lancashire names folks around these parts are related to.

I certainly recognise some of my lot in among this list. The Langtons are connected to me for sure.I have tried to highlight the chaps from Newton but may have missed a few. Anyone share any surnames from this list? I have never heard of John Pearson before!


1129 - 1947
1129 Bertram de Bulmer.
1160 Geoffrey de Valoignes.
1162 Sir Bertram de Bulmer.
1166 to 1170 William de Vesci.
1170 to 1173 Roger de Herleberga.

1173 to 1 174 Renulph de Glanville.
1174 to 1185 Ralph Fitz-Bernard.
1185 Hugo Pipard.
1185 to 1188 Gilbert Pipard.
1189 Peter Pipard.

RICHARD I. 1189 to 1199

1189 to 1194 Richard de Vernon.
1194 Theobald Walter.
1194 to 1196 Benedict Gernet, of Caton.
1197 Robert Vavasour.
1198 Nicholas le Boteler.
1199 Stephen de Turneham.

JOHN. 1199 to 1216

1199 to 1200 Robert de Tateshall.
1200 to 1204 Richard de Vernon.
1204 to 1205 Sir William Vernon.
1205 to 1215 Gilbert Fitz-Reinfrid of Kendal.

1205 to 1215 Adam Fitz-Roger, of Yealand.
1215 Reginald de Cornehill.
1216 to 1222 Ranulph de Blundevill.

HENRY III. 1216 to 1272

1217 to 1222 Jordan Fitz-Roger.
1223 Stephen de Segrave.
1223 to 1226 Robert de Montjoy.
1223 to 1227 William Ferrers.
1227 Gerard Etwell.

1228 to 1233 Sir Adam de Yealand.
1232 Peter de Rivaux.
1232 to 1246 William de Lancaster.
1233 Gilbert de Wyteby.
1234 to 1241 Simon de Thornton.

1273 Robert de Lathum.
1240 to 1241 John de Lancaster.
1241 to 1245 Robert de Waterfal.
1241 to 1246 Richard de Boteler.
1246 to 1249 Sir Matthew de Redmayne, of Levens.

1247 to 1255 Sir Robert de Lathum.
1264 to 1265 Sir Robert de Lathum
1255 to 1259 Sir Patrick de Ulvesby.
1259 Sir William le Boteler.
1259 to 1261 Sir Geoffrey de Chetham.

1261 to 1264 Sir Adam de Monalto.
1265 to 1267 Roger de Lancaster, of Rydal.
1267 to 1296 Edmund Plantagenet, 1st Earl of Lancaster.
1269 Sir Richard le Boteler of Rawcliffe.
1270 John de Cansfield, of Aldingham in Furness.
1272 to 1274 Sir Ranulph de Dacre.

EDWARD I. 1272 to 1307

1282 to 1284 Sir Henry de Lea, of Lea, near Preston.
1284 to 1290 Gilbert de Clifton.
1291 to 1302 Sir Ralph de Montjoy of Wigan.
1298 to 1320 Thomas Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Lancaster.
1298 to 1301 Richard de Hoghton, of Hoghton.
1302 to 1307 Sir Thomas Travers, of Nateby.

EDWARD II. 1307 to 1327

1307 to 1309 William Gentyl, of Poulton-le-Sands.
1309 to 1315 Sir Ralph de Bickerstath, of Bickerstath.
1315 to 1317 Sir Edmund de Neville, of Hornby.
1317 to 1320 Sir Henry de Malton.
1320 to 1322 William Gentyl (the younger) of Poulton-le-Sands

1322 to 1326 Robert de Leyburn.
1323 John Darcy.
1323 to 1326 Sir Gilbert de Southworth, of Southworth.
1327 Sir Geoffrey de Warburton, of Arley and Warburton.

EDWARD Ill. 1327to 1377

1327 to 1345 Henry Plantagenet. 3rd Earl of Lancaster.
1327 to 1328 John de Burghton.
1329 John de Hamburg.
1329 to 1332 Sir John de Denum.
1332 to 1335 Robert Foucher.

1335 William de Clapham, of Clapham.
1336 Sir William le Blount.
1337 to 1342 Robert de Radcliffe, of Ordsall.
1342 to 1344 Sir John le Blount, of Ordsall.
1344 Stephen de Ireton.

1345 to 1361 Henry Plantagenet, 4th Earl and 1st Duke of Lancaster.
1345 to 1350 John Cockayne, of Asshebourne.
1350 to 1352 Sir William Scargill, of Balderston.
1358 William de Radcliffe, of Radcliffe Tower.
1359 Nicholas de Coleshill.

1361 to 1371 Sir John de Ipres, of Aldcliffe, Lancaster.
1361 Adam de Hoghton, of Hoghton.
1362 to 1399 John Plantagenet, 2nd Duke of Lancaster.
1371 Richard de Radcliffe, of Ordsall.
1371 to 1374 Sir John de Boteler, of Bewsey.
1374 to 1377 Richard Towneley, of Towneley, near Burnley

RICHARD II. 1377 to 1399

1378 to 1384 Sir Nicholas Harrington, of Farleton.
1384 to 1387 Sir Ralph de Radcliffe, of Bolton-le-Moors.
1387 to 1392 Robert de Standish, of Standish.
1394 to 1397 Sir John de Boteler, of Rawcliffe.
1397 Richard Molyneux, of Sefton.

HENRY IV. 1399 to 1408

1399 Sir Richard de Hoghton, of Hoghton.
1399 to 1401 Sir Thomas Gerard, of Brynn.
1401 to 1404 Sir John de Boteler, of Rawcliffe.
1404 Sir Ralph Radcliffe, of Bolton.

1405 to 1406 John Boteler,
1406 to 1411 Sir John Bold, of Bold, Prescot
1411 to 1415 Sir Ralph Stanley, of Latham.

HENRY V. 1413 to 1422

1415 to 1416 Sir Robert de Urswyk, of Upper Rawcliffe.
1416 to 1418 Nicholas de Longford, of Goosnargh.
l419 Sir Robert Lawrence, of Ashton, Lancaster.

HENRY VI. 1422 to 1461

1423 to 1426 Richard Radcliffe, of Clitheroe and Winmarleigh
1437 to 1449 Sir John Byron, of Clayton.
1449 to 1461 Nicholas Byron, of Clayton.

EDWARD IV. 1461 to 1483

1461 to 1462 John Broughton, of Broughton.
1460 to 1464 Sir John Assheton, of Ashton-under-Lyne.
1464 to 1465 John Pilkington, of Pilkington.
1465 to 1472 Thomas Pilkington, of Pilkington.

1466 Sir Robert Urswick, of Urswick.
1473 to 1480 Thomas Molyneux, of Sefton.
1480 to1485 Sir Thomas Pilkington, of Pilkington.

EDWARD V. 1483

RICHARD III. 1483 to 1485

HENRY VII. 1485 to 1509

1485 to 1523 Sir Edward Stanley, of Hornby.
1497 to 1523 Lawrence Starkie, of Huntroyd.

HENRY VIII. 1509 to 1547

1524, 1529 to 1539 Sir Alexander Radcliffe, of Ordsall.
1524 to 1525 Sir William Molyneux, of Sefton.
1526 Henry Farington, of Farington.
1527 Sir William Leylond, of Morley-in-Astley.
1528 Sir Alexander Osbaldestone, of Osbaldestone.

1529 to 1530 Sir Richard Assheton, of Middleton.
1531 Sir Henry Farington, of Farington.
1532 Sir John Towneley, of Towneley.
1533 Sir Edmund Trafford, of Trafford Park.
1534 Sir Thomas Langton, of Newton-in-Makerfield.

1535 Sir Thomas Boteler, of Bewsey.
1536 Thomas Shireburne, of Mitton.
1536 Hugh Adlington, of Adlington.
1337 Sir Thomas Halsall, of Halsall.
1538 John Holcroft. of Holcroft. near Warrington.

1540 Sir William Laylond, of Morley-in-Astley.
1541 Sir Richard Hoghton, of Hoghton.
1542 Sir Thomas Southworth, of Samlesbury.
1543 John Holcroft, of Holcroft.
1544 Sir Marmaduke Tunstall, of Thurland Castle.

1545 Sir William Norris, of Speke, near Liverpool.
1546 Sir Thomas Holcroft, of Vale Royal.

EDWARD VI. 1547 to 1553

1547 Sir Alexander Radcliffe, of Ordsall.
1548 Sir Thomas Gerard, of Brynn.
1549 Sir Robert Worsley. of Boothes.
1550 Sir Peter Legh, of Haydock.

1551 Sir John Atherton, of Atherton.
1552 Sir Thomas Talbot, of Clitheroe.
1553 Sir Thomas Gerard, of Brynn.

MARY. l553 to 1558
1554 Sir Marmaduke Tunstall, of Thurland Castle.
1555 Sir John Atherton, of Atherton.
1556 Sir Thomas Langton, of Newton-in-Makerfield.
1557 Sir Edmund Trafford, of Trafford Park.
1558 Sir Thomas Gerard, of Brynn.

ELIZABETH. 1558 to 1603

1559 John Talbot, of Salesbury.
1560 Sir Robert Worsley, of Boothes.
1561 Sir John Atherton, of Atherton.
1562 Sir John Southworth, of Samlesbury.
1563 Sir Thomas Hesketh, of Rufford.

1564 Thomas Hoghton, of Hoghton.
1565 Sir Edmund Trafford, of Trafford.
1566 Sir Richard Molyneux, of Sefton.
1567 Sir Thomas Langton, of Newton-in-Makerfield.
1568 Edward Holland, of Denton.

1569 John Preston, of Furness Abbey.
1570 Thomas Boteler, of Bewsey.
1571 Edmund Trafford, of Trafford.
1572 John Byron, of Clayton.
1573 Richard Holland, of Denton.

1574 William Booth, of Barton.
1575 Francis Holt, of Gristlehurst, near Bury
1576 Richard Bold, of Bold, near Warrington.
1577 Robert Dalton, of Thurnham, near Lancaster.
1578 John Fleetwood, of Penwortham.

1579 Ralph Assheton, of Middleton.
1580 Sir Edmund Trafford, of Trafford.
1581 Sir John Byron, of Clayton.
1582 Richard Holland, of Denton.
1583 John Atherton, of Atherton.

1584 Sir Edmund Trafford, of Trafford.
1585 Thomas Preston, of Furness Abbey.
1586 Richard Assheton, of Middleton.
1587 John Fleetwood, of Penwortham.
1588 Thomas Talbot, of Bashall.

1589 Sir Richard Molyneux, of Sefton.
1590 Richard Bold, of Bold, near Warrington
1591 James Assheton, of Chadderton.
1592 Edward Fytton, of Gawsworth,
1593 Richard Assheton. of Middleton.

1594 Ralph Assheton, of Great Lever.
1595 Thomas Talbot, of Bashall.
1596 Richard Holland, of Denton.
1597 Sir Richard Molyneux, of Sefton.
1598 Richard Assheton, of Middleton.

1599 Sir Richard Hoghton, of Hoghton.
1600 Robert Hesketh, of Rufford.
1601 Cuthbert Halsall, of Halsall.
1602 Sir Edmund Trafford, of Trafford.
1603 John Ireland, of Hale.

JAMES I. 1603 to 1625

1604 Sir Nicholas Mosley, of Manchester.
1605 Ralph Barton, of Bolton-le-Moors.
1606 Edmund Fleetwood, of Rossall.
1607 Sir Richard Assheton, of Middleton.
1608 Robert Hesketh, of Rufford.

1609 Sir Edmund Trafford, of Trafford.
1610 Roger Nowell, of Read Hall.
1611 John Fleming, of Coniston Hall.
1612 Sir Cuthbert Halsall, of Halsall.
1613 Robert Bindlosse, of Borwick.

1614 Richard Shireburne, of Stoneyhurst.
1615 Edward Stanley, of Bickerstaffe.
1616 Rowland Mosley, of Hough End, near Manchester.
1617 Sir Edmund Trafford, of Trafford.
1618 Richard Shuttleworth, of Gawthorpe.

1619 John Holt, of Stubley.
1620 Leonard Ashawe, of Ashawe.
1621 Edmund More, of Bank Hall.
1622 Sir Gilbert Ireland, of Hale.
1623 Sir George Booth, of Ashton-under-Lyne.

1624 Sir Ralph Assheton, of Whalley.
1625 Edward Holland, of Denton.

CHARLES I. 1625 to 1649

1626 Roger Kirkbye, of Kirkby-lreleth, I/F
1627 Sir Edward Stanley, of Bickerstaffe.
1628 Edmund Assheton, of Chadderton.
1629 Edward Rawsthorne, of Edenfield.
1630 Thomas Hesketh, of Rufford.

1631 Richard Bold, of Bold Hall, near Warrington.
1632 Nicholas Towneley, of Royle, near Burnley.
1633 Ralph Assheton, of Middleton.
1634 Ralph Standish, of Standish.
1635 Humphrey Chetham, of Clayton.

1636 William Farington, of Leyland.
1637 Richard Shuttleworth, of Gawthorpe.
1638 Roger Kirkbye, of Kirkby-lreleth, in Furness.
1639 Sir Edward Stanley, of Bickerstaffe.
1640 Robert Holt, of Castleton.

1641 Peter Egerton, of Shaw Hill, Flixton.
1642 Sir John Girlington, of Thurland Castle.
1643 Sir Gilbert Hoghton, of Hoghton.
1644 to 1647 John Bradshaw, of Bradshaw Hall, Bolton.
1648 Gilbert Ireland, of Hale.

COMMONWEALTH. 1649 to 1660

1649 John Hartley, of Strangeways, Manchester.
1650 Edmund Hopwood, of Hopwood Hall, near Middleton.
1651 Henry Wrigley, of Chamber Hall, near Oldham.
1652 Alexander Barlow, of Barlow, Salford.
1653 John Parker, of Extwistle, Clitheroe.

1654 Peter Bold, of Bold Hall, Warrington.
1635 John Atherton, of Atherton.
1656 John Starkie, of Huntroyd.
1657 Hugh Cooper, of Chorley and Carnforth.
1658 Sir Robert Bindlosse, of Borwick.
1659 Sir Richard Hoghton, of Hoghton.

CHARLES II. 1660 to 1684

1660 George Chetham, of Clayton Hall.
1661 & 1662 Sir George Middleton, of Leighton Hall, Carnforth
1663 John Girlington, of Thurland Castle,
1664 Thomas Preston, of Holker, in Furness.
1665 & 1666 William Spencer, of Ashton Hall, Lancaster.

1667 Sir John Ardene, of Harden.
1668 & 1669 Thomas Greenhalgh, of Brandlesholme, nr. Qldham
1670 Christopher Banastre, of Leyland.
1671 Sir Henry Sclater, of Light Oaks, near Leigh.
1672 & 1673 Sir Robert Bindlosse, of Borwick, Carnforth.

1674 Sir Peter Brooke, of Astley.
1675 & 1676 Alexander Butterworth, of Belfield, nr. Rochdale
1677 & 1678 Alexander Rigby, of Layton, Poulton-le-Fylde.
1679 Sir Roger Bradshaigh, of Haigh.
1680 William Johnson, of Rishton Grange, Clitheroe.

1681 & 1682 Lawrence Rawstane, of New Hall, Edenfield.
1682 & 1683 Thomas Legh, of Bank, Leyland.
1684 Peter Shakerley, of Shakerley, Tyldesley.

JAMES II. 1684 to 1688

1683 Peter Shakerley, of Shakerley.
1686 to 1688 William Spencer, of Ashton Hall, Lancaster.

WILLIAM and MARY. 1689 to 1694.

1689 John Birch, of Birch Hall, Manchester.
1690 Peter Bold, of Bold, Warrington.
1691 Alexander Rigby, of Layton, Poulton-le-Fylde.
1692 Francis Lindley, of Bowling Hall.
1693 Thomas Rigby, of Whittle-Ie-Woods.

1694 Thomas Ashurst, of Ashurst, near Wigan.
1695 Richard Spencer, of Preston.
1696 Thomas Norreys, of Speke, Liverpool.
1697 Roger Mainwaring, of Clitheroe.
1698 William West, of Middleton, near Heysham.

1699 Robert Dukinfield, of Dukinfield, nr. Ashton-under-Lyne.
1700 Thomas Rigby, of Goosnargh.
1701 William Hulme of Davyhulme, near Manchester.
1702 Roger Nowell, of Read Hall, Blackburn.

ANNE. 1702 to 1714

1703 Peter Egerton, of Shaw Hall, near Manchester.
1704 George Birch, of Birch Hall, Rusholme.
1704 Thomas Birch, of Birch Hall, Rusholme.
1705 Richard Spencer, of Preston.
1706 Christopher Dauntesey, of Agecroft.

1707 Edmund Cole, of Beaumont Cote, Lancaster.
1708 Myles Sandys, of Graythwaite Hall, in Furness.
1709 Roger Kirkby, of Kirkby-lreleth, in Furness.
1709 Alexander Hesketh, of Ormskirk.
1710 Robert Parker, of Clitheroe.

1711Sir Thomas Standish, of Duxbury.
1712 William Rawstorne, of Edenfield and Penwortham
1713 Richard Valentine, of Eccles.
1714 William Farington, of Leyland.

GEORGE I. 1714 to 1727

1715 Jonathan Blackburne, of Orford, near Warrington.
1716 Thomas Crispe, of Wigan.
1717 Samuel Crooke, of Old Crook, Leyland.
1718 Richard Norris, of Speke Hall, Liverpool.
1719-Thomas Stanley, of Clitheroe.

1720-Robert Mawdesley, of Mawdesley, near Ormskirk.
1721 Benjamin Hoghton, of Hoghton.
1722 Benjamin Gregge, of Chamber Hall, near Oldham.
1723 Sir Edward Stanley, of Bickerstaffe, near Ormskirk.
1724 William Tatham, of Ireby, near Kirkby Lonsdale.

1725 Miles Sandy; of Graythwaite Hall, Hawkshead.
1726 Edmund Hopwood, of Hopwood Hall, Middleton.
1727 Daniel Wilson, of Dalham Tower, near Milnthorpe.

GEORGE II. I727 to 1760

1728 Joseph Yates, of Peel and Maghull.
1729 William Greenhaigh, of Myerscough, near Preston.
1730 James Chetham, of Smedley.
1731 William Leigh, of Westhoughton, near Wigan.
1732 John Parker, of Breightmet, near Bolton.

1733 John Greaves, of Culcheth, near Leigh.
1734 William Bushell, of Preston.
1735 Arthur Hamilton, of Liverpool.
1736 Sir James Darcy Lever, of Alkrington, Manchester.
1737 Thomas Norton, of Chadderton, Oldham.

1738 Samuel Chetham, of Turton Tower and Castleton.
1739 Sir Ralph Assheton, of Middleton.
1740 Roger Hesketh, of North Meols, Southport.
1741 Robert Dukinfield, of Manchester.
1742 Robert Bankes, of Winstanley Hall, near Wigan.

1743 John Blackburne, of Orford, near Warrington.
1744 Robert Radclyffe, of Chadderton.
1745 Daniel Willis, of Prescot.
1746 William Shawe, of Preston.
1747 Samuel Birch, of Ardwick.

1748 George Clarke, of Hyde Hall, Manchester.
1749 Rigby Molyneux, of Preston.
1750 Charles Stanley, of Ormskirk.
1751 James Fenton, of Lancaster.
1752 Richard Townley, of Rochdale.

1753 John Bradshaw, of Manchester.
1754 Thomas Hesketh, of Rufford.
1755 Thomas Johnson, of Manchester.
1756 James Barton, of Penwortham, Preston.
1757 James Bayley, of Withington, Manchester.

1758 Robert Gibson, of Myerscough.
1759 Richard Whitehead, of Claughton, near Preston.
1760 Samuel Hilton, of Pennington, Leigh.

GEORGE III. 1760 to 1816

1761 Sir William Farington, of Shaw Hall, Leyland.
1762 Thomas Braddyll, of Conishead, near Ulverston.
1763 Thomas Blackburne, of Hale and Orford.
1764 Sir William Horton, of Chadderton.
1765 John Walmesley, of Wigan.

*1766 Edward Gregge, of Qldham.
1767 Alexander Butler, of Kirkland Hall.
1768 Thomas Butterworth Bayley, of Pendleton.
1769 Doming Rasbotham, of Farnworth.
1770 Nicholas Ashton, of Liverpool.

1771 Sir Ashton Lever, of Manchester.
1772 William Cunliffe Shawe, of Preston.
1773 Thomas Patten, of Warrington.
1774 Geoffrey Hornby, of Preston.
1775 Sir Watts Horton, of Oldham.

1776 Lawrence Rawsthorne, of Edenfield.
1777 Samuel Clowes, of Chorlton.
1778 Wilson Gale Braddyll, of Conishead.
1779 John Clayton, of Carr Hall, Little Harwood.
*1780 John Atherton, of Walton Hall, Liverpool

1781 John Blackburne, of Orford.
1782 Sir Frank Standish, of Duxbury.
1783 James Whalley, of Whalley.
1784 William Bankes, of Wigan.
1785 John Sparling, of Liverpool.

1786 Sir John Parker Mosley, of Ancoats.
*1787 WilIiam Bamford, of Bury.
1788 Edward Falkner, of Liverpool.
*1789 William Hulton, of Bolton.
1790 Charles Gibson, of Lancaster.

1791 James Starky, of Heywood, Manchester.
1792 William Assheton, of Preston and Clitheroe.
*1793 Thomas Townley Parker, of Preston.
1794 Henry Philip Hoghton, of Hoghton and Walton.
*1795 Robinson Shuttleworth, of Preston.

*1796 Richard Gwillym, of Warrington.
1797 Bold Fleetwood Hesketh, of Southport.
1798 John Entwistle, of Rochdale.
1799 Joseph Starkie, of Qldham.
1800 James Ackers, of Liverpool.

*1801 Sir Thomas Dalrymple Hesketh, of Rufford.
1802 Robert Gregge Hopwood, of Middleton.
1803 Isaac Blackburne, of Orford.
1804 Thomas Lister Parker, of Clitheroe.
*1805 Meyrick Holme Bankes, of Wigan.

*1806 Le Gendre Piers Starkie, of Huntroyd.
1807 Richard Crosse Legh, of Shaw Hill, near Chorley.
*1808 Thomas Clayton, of Carr Hill, Little Harwood.
*1809 Samuel Clowes, of Broughton, near Manchester.
*1810 .William Hulton, of Hulton.

*1811 Samuel Chetham Hilton, of Moston Hall.
*1812 Edward Greaves, of Culcheth, near Leigh.
*1813 .William Farington, of Shaw Hall, Leyland.
*1814 Lawrence Rawstorne, of Penwortham, near Preston.
*1815 Le Gendre Starkie, of Huntroyd.

*1816 William Townley, of Townhead, near Ulverston.
*1817 Robert Townley Parker, of Preston.
*1819. Joseph Feilden, of Witton House, near Blackburn.
*1819 John Walmesley, of Castle Mere, Rochdale.

GEORGE IV. 1820 to 1830

*1820 Robert Hesketh, of Rossall Hall, Fleetwood.
*1821 Thomas R. Gale Braddyll, of Conishead, Ulverston.
*1822 James Shuttleworth, of Barton, near Preston.
*1823 Thomas Green, of Slyne, near Lancaster.
*1824 John Entwistle, of Foxholes, near Rochdale.

*1825John l-largreaves, of Burnley.
*1826 James Penny Machell, of Penny Bridge, over-Sands.
*1827 Charles Gibson, of Quernmore Park, Lancaster.
*1828 Edmund Hornby, of Dalton Hall, Burton, Westmorland
*1829 Henry Bold Hoghton, of Hoghton.
*1830 Peter Hesketh, of Rossall Hall, Fleetwood.

WILLIAM IV. 1830 to 1837

*1831 Peregrine Edward Towneley, of Towneley, nr. Burnley.
*1832 George Richard Marton, of Capernwray, nr. Lancaster.
*1833 Sir John Gerard, of Ashton-in-Makerfield.
*1834 Thomas Joseph Traffrd, of Manchester.

*1835 Thomas Clifton, of Lytham.
*1836 Charles Standish, of Standish, near Wigan.
*1837 Thomas Bright Crosse, of Shaw Hill, near Chorley.

VICTORIA. 1837 to 1901

*1838 William Blundell, of Crosby Hall, Liverpool.
*1839 Charles Scarisbrick, of Scarisbrick, near Southport.
*1840 Thomas Fitzherbert Brockholes, of Claughton Hall, near Preston.
*1841 Sir Thomas Bernard Birch, of Liverpool.
*1842 Thomas Robert Wilson France, of Rawcliffe Hall.

*1843 William Garnett, of Lancaster and Salford.
*1844 John Fowden Hindle, of Woodfold Park, nr. Blackburn.
1845 Pudsey Dawson, of Hornby, near Lancaster.
*1846 William Standish Standish, of Duxbury, near Chorley.
*1847 William Gale, of Ulverston.

1848 Sir Thomas George Hesketh, of Rufford Hall.
*1849 John Smith Entwistle, of Foxholes, Rochdale.
*1850 Clement Royds, of Rochdale.
*1851 Thomas Percival Heywood, of Pendleton.
*1852 Thomas Weld-Blundell, of Ince Blundell, nr. Liverpool.

*1853 John Talbot Clifton, of Lytham.
*1854 Richard Fort, of Read Hall, Clitheroe.
*1855 John Pemberton Heywood, of Liverpool.
*1856 Robert Needham Phillips, of Prestwich.
1857 Charles Towneley, of Burnley.

*1858 George Marton, of Capernwray, near Lancaster.
*1859 Sir Robert Tolver Gerard, of Ashton-in-Makerfield.
1860 Henry Garnett, of Wyreside, Lancaster.
*1861 Sir Humphrey de Trafford, of Manchester.
*1862 William A. F. Saunders, of Wennington Hall, near Lancaster.

*1863 Sir William Brown, of Liverpool.
*1864 Sir James Phillips Kay-Shuttleworth, of Gawthorpe, nr. Burnley.
*1865 William Preston, of Ellel Grange, near Lancaster.
1866 Sir Elkanah Armitage, of Manchester.
*1867 Thomas Dicconson, of Wigan.

*1868 Le Gendre Nicholas Starkie, of Huntroyd.
1869 Benjamin Heywood Jones, of Liverpool.
*1870 Henry F. Rigge, of Wood Broughton, Grange-over-Sands.
*1871 Sir Jjames Watts, of Cheadle.
*1872 Thomas Wrigley, of Bury.

*1873 Sir James Ramsden, of Barrow-in-Furness.
*1874 Richard Smethurst, of Chorley.
*1875 John Pearson, of Newton-Ie-Willows.
*1876 Oliver Ormerod Walker, of Bury.
*1877 George Blucher Heneage Marton, of Capernwray, Lancaster.

*1878 Nathaniel Eckersley, of Standish Hall, near Wigan.
*1879 William Garnett, of Quernmore Park, Lancaster.
*1880 Ralph John Aspinall, of Clitheroe.
*1881 William Foster, of Hornby Castle, near Lancaster.
*1882 George McCorquodale, of Newton-Ie-Willows.

*1883 Thomas Ashton, of Didsbury, Manchester.
*1884 Thomas Brooks, of Rawtenstall.
*1885 James Williamson, of Lancaster.
*1886 Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, of Gateacre, nr. Liverpool
*1887 Sir John Thursby, of Burnley.

*1888 Oliver Heywood, of Claremont, Manchester.
*1889 Clement Molyneux Royds, of Rochdale.
*1890 Charles Henry Bird, of Cockerham, near Lancaster.
*1891 George Theophilus Robert Preston, of Ellel Grange, nr. Lancaster.
*1891 Colonel William Foster, of Hornby Castle, nr. Lancaster.

*1892 John Knowles, of Pendlebury.
*1893 Sir Thomas Storey, of Lancaster.
*1894 Joshua W. Radcliffe, of Qldham.
*1895 Frank Hardcastle, of Bolton.
*1896 Sir Peter Carlew Walker, of Liverpool.

*1897 Samuel Radcliffe Platt, of Oldham.
*1898 William Balle Huntington, of Darwen.
*1899 William Charles Jones, of Bold, Warrington.
*1900 Frederick Baynes, of Samlesbury.

EDWARD VII. 1901 to 1910

*1901 Charles Hesketh Bibby-Hesketh, of North Meols, near Southport.
*1902 Arthur Knowles, of Pendlebury.
*1903 Henry Whitehead, of Bury.
*1904 Herbert Lushington Storey, of Lancaster.
*1905 Sir John 0. S. Thursby, of Burnley.

*1906 Edward Tootal Broadhurst, of Congleton.
*1907 Sir William H. Tate, of Woolton.
*1908 Sir Thomas Brocklebank, of Liverpool.
*1909 Sir William Bower Forwood, of Bromborough.
*1910 Reginald Arthur Tatton, of Preston.

GEORGE V. 1910 to 1936

*1911 Sir George A. Pilkington, of Southport.
*1912 John Stone, of Roby, Liverpool.
*1913 John William Makant, of Bolton.
*1914 John Henry Maden, of Bacup.
1915 Edward Graham Wood, of Southport.
1916 Percy John Hibbert, of Hampsfield. Grange-over-Sands.

1917 Sir William Hesketh Lever. of Rivington, near Bolton.
1918 Colonel George Hesketh, of Bolton.
1919 Ralph Cockayne Assheton, of Clitheroe.
1920 Edward Deakin, of Bolton.
1921 George H. Bankes, of Wigan.

1922 Myles Kennedy, of Stone Cross, Ulverston.
1923 Sir Benjamin Sands Johnson, of Liverpool.
1924 Arthur Moore Lamb, of Birkdale.
1925 George Owen Sandys, of Graythwaite Hall, Hawkshead.
1926 John Percy Taylor, of Bolton.

1927 Sir James Philip Reynolds, of Liverpool.
1928 Sir Arthur Meyrick Hollins, of Preston.
1929 Charles Sydney Jones, of Liverpool.
1930 Samuel Turner, of Rochdale.
1931 Sir Frederick Charles Bowring, of Liverpool.

1932 Austin Townsend Porritt, of Stubbins, near Bury.
1933 Arthur Samuel Mitchell, of West Didsbury, Manchester.
1934 Sir Thomas Edward Higham, of Accrington.
1935 Myles Noel Kenyon, of Bury.


1936 Thomas Stone, of Roby, Liverpool.


1937 William James Garnett, of Quernmore Park, Lancaster.
1938 Charles Eastwood, of Moss House, Leyland.
1939 Colonel Alan Cecil Tod, Maryton Grange, Allerton, Liverpool.
1940 Edmund Barwick Clegg, of Shore, Littleborough.
1941 William James Garnett, of Quernmore Park. Lancaster.

1942 Francis Joseph Weld, of Weld Road, Birkdale.
1943 Sir William Fawell Ascroft, of Preston.
1944 Edwin Thompson, of Fulwood Park, Liverpool.
1945 Colonel Sir Henry Darlington, K.C.B., C.M.G., of Melling Hall, Carnforth.
1946 Sir Percy Macdonald, of Manchester.
1947 Lt.-Col. Roger Fleetwood, Fleetwood-Hesketh, Meols Hall, Southport.

* Denotes a javelin presented by those past High Sheriffs or their descendants, these javelins ornamenting the wall and pillars of the Shire Hall.
Cheers Sheila

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Re: Newtons High Sherrifs

Postby Avril46 » May 22nd, 2011, 8:59 am

Pilkington - maiden name here. We're descended I think from the Rivington lot though.

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Re: Newtons High Sherrifs

Postby She » May 22nd, 2011, 10:01 am

For reasons I cannot understand, many of the powers that be went to live in Rivington. Its only a small place on a hill but some of my family came from here as well. We are all probably related.
Cheers Sheila

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Re: Newtons High Sherrifs

Postby mike59 » May 22nd, 2011, 11:37 am

Interesting set of names there.

The 1912 entry, John Stone of Roby, was Thomas Stone's eldest son, who was born in Winwick and lived on the High St
for a number of years before moving to Roby.
Thomas Stone was the eldest son of John, and he had that title in 1936, the same year as John's death.


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Re: Newtons High Sherrifs

Postby Avril46 » May 23rd, 2011, 1:23 pm

She wrote:For reasons I cannot understand, many of the powers that be went to live in Rivington. Its only a small place on a hill but some of my family came from here as well. We are all probably related.

That is possible. Our grandfather would talk to us about Rivington and the surrounding area. He came to Newton to work at the Vulcan works when he met and married our grandmother, a Rose from Newton.

I do have lots of information about the Rivington Pilkingtons, who I understand sold the Rivington place to the Lever family. I doubt that our grandfather was very affluent but the family is interesting nontheless. I understand that a lot of the family means were lost somehow way back when but that's just speculation. There's also a connection to the Halliwells but I'm working on that at the moment.

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